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Editing Continues

So, first of all, there's really nothing relevant that I have to say. I just want to share more pictures. Is anyone complaining, though?

Thought not.

Anyway, I am in the midst of going through Draft 3 of Avens and a lot is changing (again). While in some ways it can be frustrating, in others it is the perfect time to add fluff and details, while eliminating excess nonsense. During this round, I decided that I would add a scene. With it, I get to add a line I thought of after the last round of edits were complete. Because I loved it so much, I slapped it on a picture.

That I will now show you. Because I have zero impulse control. Enjoy!

Now that the Avens news is out of the way, I want to share another quote from a project that will (hopefully) hit Wattpad soon.

If you've been to my Wattpad at all, you know that I have two other stories concerning my Gryphon Riders up. This will be the third, and it will be a novel.

Normally, anything related to Vassel that I post on Wattpad is limited to short stories. Bridge Walker was also intended as such, but the MC likes a lot of detail. Thus, more entertainment for the masses. I call it my 'fluff book' because it's what I work on between projects. Because it was only meant as a short story, there is no overall novel arc to the work, so this will be just a fun tale to read. So, here's a quote of another line I love.

And now I'm out of fun things to share. Which means I have to get back to work. Have fun, everyone.

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