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Site Upgrades

If any of you have paid attention to this site in the past, you know that I was doing everything minimal. Not anymore. The site has undergone some renovations that may seem minor to you, but were actually grueling work hours for me.

First of all: it has its own domain. It is now instead of the old site.

Second of all: I have eliminated any mention of another pseudonym I was going to use (HR Valles). This is because it is hard enough as an author to build a brand around one name. To try and do so around another and keep the marketing momentum is more difficult than I can comprehend. Therefore, I have removed my commitment to a second pseudonym and will continue to write all of my works under Hollow Ryan (including everything set in Vassel).

Third of all: to be able to do this, I have also changed my emails all to So if you need to update that in your contact lists, please do so.

Last of all: changes are still coming. I plan on updating the covers on the STORIES page, and I'm working with a talented artist to create them. As we all know that art takes its own time, I will not be rushing this, and there will most definitely be an unveiling later on.

I'm also trying to get myself together for more constant exposure and boosting my marketing skills. This is my career and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make it a successful one.

Thanks for reading and keep a lookout for future posts and updates!

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