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It's Done

The last time Alessa Fulsun saw Evan Ward, he was imaginary.

Seven years later, she learns that her truth is his lie.

An intricate Illusion has separated their worlds for almost four centuries as part of a treaty to end the War On Magick. Having been born Without the Truth, Alessa is eager to dive headfirst into Evan’s reality. The more she learns, however, the deeper her resentment runs. With a young niece able to see the Truth as well, Alessa begins to fear for her future and the realities she will miss.

The Illusion must fall.

It is a declaration with many unforeseen consequences.

So, I've talked about my world Vassel a bit and I've posted stories set there, but as of yet I've never released a novel in that world. That is because I was waiting to finish Believe Everything before publishing anything from this world.

As of today, March 23, 2018 at 9:40am, I am able to say that BE is now finished. (The first draft, anyway.)

Believe Everything is the most recent story my world holds. In a sense, I always wanted to publish the end in the beginning. Almost everything that will be published in Vassel occurs before the events of BE take place, so it's a nice little shift. It's also a standalone, which saves me from having to make a million sequels for it.

Now, the plans for this are, of course, to polish it up and attempt to wrangle an agent for it. (If you know any that like fantasy, send them my way!) After that, I plan to release many of the other Vassel novels I've already written. (Which include more standalone and a few series.) And in the meantime, I will attempt to add more short stories to Wattpad.

Alas, my time is running out to continue gushing, but I'm just so excited about this turn of events that I had to share.

Also, for those of you eagerly awaiting Hawthorn news, the paperback is finally available! So please go add it to your collections!

Okay, I'm really out of time now. Have fun and keep checking back for updates!

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