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Valerian Bookaversary

So this is the formal reminder that the Goodreads giveaways for Ivy, Oleander, and Valerian are ending tomorrow. Again, this will be the last giveaway I host on Goodreads due to their absurd policy changes.

Tomorrow, December 9, holds a special place as the bookaversary for Valerian. Book 3 in the PMC is officially a year old tomorrow. It's so hard to imagine that it's already been a year. Where has the time gone?

I think the same thing happened last year, where the release date just snuck up on me. Must have something to do with this time of year. Unfortunately, running on the end of NaNoWriMo means I have little energy left around this time, as well. Added with the stresses of my day job, and I am burnt out.

Still doing my best to release the paperback of Hawthorn, and also working on wrapping up Avens. There's also the next project I want to wrap up. Hey, anyone know any fiction/fantasy agents looking for submissions?

Anyway, back to work with me. Enjoy your holidays everyone. And remember: books make great gifts.

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