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Reader Engagement Challenge

So earlier this week I did a guest post on a blog for author Jacquelyn Eubanks. Though the title is a little more vague, the real gist of the post had everything to do with daydreaming. I explain more clearly in the post, thus having you read it would be more ideal than me repeating everything.

To boil it down to barest facts: the thing authors want almost more than anything when they hit it big is the reader engagement that comes with it.

Sure, it'll probably feel like work when you get hundreds and thousands of fan questions and tweets, etc. How do you keep up with all of that? You know what, though? It's something most of us can't wait to figure out.

When we write, we do it for us and the people in our heads. There's a story there and we were chosen to put it on paper. No arguments.

When we make the leap into publishing, however, we're in murkier water. There's a lot more work and confusion to this environment. Yet, we keep pushing through and hoping for that tiny scrap of attention that means we didn't make a mistake. That we belong in this complicated and heart wrenching arena. And only readers can make us believe that.

It's not all sunshine and roses and there will be good as well as bad days. We writers are as prepared for that as we will ever be.

That being said, you'd be our hero if you chose to be part of the good. And it's really simple to do.

Interact with an author.

Go on Goodreads and ask a question about a book or series.

Go on Facebook and share the latest #TeaserTuesday.

Tweet about it every time you pick up a book, and don't be afraid to tag an author.

Whether a big-time author or a small indie author, you can help make their day. All you have to do is engage with them.

So here's my challenge:

Daydream about the kind of interview questions you would like to answer as an author.

Write down those questions.

Then, once a week, jump on an author's page/Twitter/whatever and ask them.

One question, one author, one week.

Let's begin.

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