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Proof Is In

Valerian has arrived! Okay, so it's just the proof copy. Which means it's the last chance I have to go through and find anything else I might have missed. However, that doesn't mean I don't get the chance to truly enjoy having my own copy in my hands. And what better way to celebrate that fact than having an entire photo shoot of my three proof copies? I won't shove all of the pictures down your throat, but you are required to look at a handful. Maybe one day I'll throw the whole photo extravaganza up here. (Probably not until after Book Five is finished, though.)

As I have mentioned before, the Official Release Date of Valerian is DECEMBER 9, 2016. This means it will be available on Amazon thanks to Createspace, as well as available on the Kindle, thanks to Kindle Direct Publishing. Or, if you happen to know who I am, it's also possible to buy them straight from me or at the hardware store where I work. (All in-store copies are signed and typically have my business card tucked into them. Because I'm shameless like that.)

Again, I hope everyone is getting really excited for Book Three, because I'm practically bouncing off the walls here. (Also, I'm almost at 48k words on Hawthorn, in case anyone was wondering. So I'll be winning NaNoWriMo for sure again this year.)

Also, just a head's up, but there will be a couple of giveaways running from December 1 to December 9 in honor of Valerian's release. There will be one copy each of Ivy and Oleander up for grabs. I'll have a separate post to really announce it, but I wanted you all to be on the lookout.

Okay, now I am officially ending this rambling post. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and may you have returned from Black Friday shopping with lots of goodies and zero bruises. Blessed Be.

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