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I actually forgot to link my Wattpad to my website. How could I forget that? Especially when it holds some really cool short stories that pertain directly to the world of Vassel! If you want to check it out, my username is HollowRyan.

There are currently only three "stories" posted on my Wattpad. One is on hold indefinitely, and you'll find that is my Austen inspired Lazarus. Thanks to this one story, Vassel became the world it is now. When I began working on all of the world building for this rich continent, I found and created an entire planet where all of my stories could be set. I found my home away from home.

*Lazarus cover created by a friend and the sources are unknown. She also made the mistake of putting my real name instead of HR Valles, but I'm not concerned about it.*

Following Lazarus, I have my Tales of Vassel collection. Thus far, there are eleven short stories from my world gathered here and more will follow as they are finished. Of course, 'short' is a selective term. Some of my stories are one page legends. Others are 20 page tales.

Last of all is my YA SciFi novel XXY. This one was a project that took me 3 years to complete and is an epic in its own right. Not to dissuade anyone, but it comes in at just over 141k words. All of it a wild, crazy adventure filled with intrigue and human dynamics that I really enjoy. Originally, it was one of those books I thought I would one day publish. When it was finished, however, I realized that I didn't have the heart to chop it all up during editing and piece it back together. It wouldn't have done the justice to these moments the characters share if I had to try and feed some condensed version to the public. So if you're not a fan of long books, it won't break my heart if you skip over it. However, if it's the human element you look for in a SciFi novel, I think you might enjoy it.

Well, there you have it. My Wattpad exploits. I don't post on there too often, but I usually pop in to update XXY every few months. (Trying to ease it on there, that way people aren't too shocked by the sheer amount of words they have to wade through to get to the ending.)

Go forth and read!

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