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Harry Potter Closet

So, as usual, I am overdue on a blog post. That is because moving sucks. Takes a lot of time. And is an awful experience with 2 dogs, an apartment complex, and a house whose renovations always take that much longer. (Especially when health inspectors meant to check out the well like to announce they have EIGHT whole days to check it, once the permit is put in. Guess what? Not eight days yet. That means: no water in new house.)

However, after a long month of pure craziness, we're in the final stretches! Which includes: my very own Harry Potter closet.

That's right; I have a closet under the stairs. Be jealous. Be very, very jealous. Also, be even more jealous that, at its height, it is large enough to store a bookshelf. It has a light. And it's long enough for short beings–such as myself–to curl up one a pillow pile and read HP until my heart's content. And I plan on using it for every single one of those reasons.

Well, seeing as my internet is a fickle creature, I must cut this short.

Also, I got a sneak peek of a cover draft for Oleander! Not long now!

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