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Tattered Travelers On The Loose

It has happened! Six Tattered Travelers have been released into the world, and should soon find their first stops within the next couple of days.

Hollow Ryan holding the first copy of "Ivy" to become a Tattered Traveler.

If you have read my first blogpost about Tattered Travelers, you already know what's going on. However, if this is your first stop, I'll fill you in real quick.

Tattered Travelers is a book sharing idea that allows for a book to be passed from hand to hand with only 6 simple rules to keep in mind, which can be found on the back of the bookmark that travels with each copy.

See, the whole point of this is to keep gifting the copies to someone you think might like them. Then, when you're finished, sign your name and snap a pic before you pass it on to someone else. The biggest rule is simply: don't keep it.

Now, I have released six total copies of my book "Ivy" to act as the first Tattered Travelers. However, this is not an idea I am keeping to myself. If any author wants to get in on this, I made my bookmarks on Vistaprint and would think it was amazing if I got hold of someone else's Traveler.

If you are in any way interested in what's going on with the Tattered Travelers, or you've got a picture to post of your own Traveler, please head over to the the Tattered Travelers Facebook Page and check it out. We'll be posting pictures to document their Travels, as well as anything else we find pertinent.

This is meant to be an experience, if nothing else. It's meant to be a fun way to share books with friends, without having to loan your own copy. And it's meant to be a fun memory for everyone as names are signed throughout the novel and passed on to the next person.

So if you come across a Traveler, don't hesitate to post about it with the hashtag #tatteredtravelers. Most of all, have fun with it and enjoy reading!

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