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Tattered Travelers

A long time ago, back before Ivy was more than a manuscript, I had this daydream. I wanted to publish a book, take a copy of it, set it somewhere, and walk away. It was my hope that some inquisitive soul would pick it up, read it, and then set it somewhere else for another person to find.

There were flaws with this daydream, of course. Yet, there were also ways to safeguard against it. It was as simple as making a bookmark with a list of rules and recruiting a handful of people to begin the process.

That is what a 'Tattered Traveler' is. It is a book that has passed from hand to hand, becoming worn, dog-eared, and tattered over its travels. It has seen inclement weather, sweaty palms, and maybe a few tears. And it has seen more than enough of its fair share of pens.

As of right this moment, there are no Tattered Travelers in the world. At least, not as I have named them, or with the rules or bookmark in place. However, in a short time, I expect a few of these creatures to escape their confines and find their way into the hands of eager individuals everywhere.

And if you're curious about the rules, well here's a photograph to give you some idea of what you'll be in store for if one of these delights crosses your path.

If you are unable to see the picture, the bookmarks say 'Tattered Traveler' on the front, and on the back it says: Congratulations, you've found a Tattered Traveler! The rules are simple, and I'll explain them now:

1. Read the back and decide if you want to journey inside.

2. From cover to cover, read what you will find.

3. When you're finished, send the bookmark back to the first page.

4. Then find a spot to sign your name.

5. If you wish, a picture would be best.

6. Then send it on its way to start again.

Any questions that you have, just find my author and, please, do ask!

Today I ordered a package of these bookmarks. As soon as they arrive, I will sign and number each Ivy Traveler before sending them on the next leg of their journey. I'll be posting pictures of each before they go out, and I hope to find many more as they continue on their way.

Happy reading, all!

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