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Editing: Round 2

So, for the past few weeks (or months) I've been doing a general rewrite of Book 2 in the 'Prideful Magick Collection'. I am happy to announce that I finished the rewrite earlier this week, so now it's time to move onto Round 2 edits. As a reward for my finishing, however, I get to now work on the description for book 2! Once it's done, expect to find a new page floating around here!

Also, on a sidenote, if you have read "Ivy" please think about leaving a review for it. It doesn't even have to be in a public forum, if you prefer not to. Just send me your thoughts via the Contact page and I'll post them without using full names and such. It's the people around us that help books and authors flourish, and I would like to take this time to say Thank You to everyone who is helping me to succeed in this tough business.

Blessed Be!

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