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Thank you for visiting the website for Hollow Ryan.

Author of paranormal, scifi and fantasy books and stories. 

Demon Kin: The Queen

DK The Queen card.jpg

Welcome to a new era of humanity. One where Demon Wives help humans survive.

Reia is a Demon Wife by birth, but a mother by choice. When that choice throws her into the midst of a prophecy, Reia must ready for war. To save her daughter, she will delve into the darkest parts of herself and emerge a Queen.


Recommended Artist of the Month

Luisa Preissler

Luisa Preissler is a German artist who is active on Twitter and her own website. I first became aware of Luisa Preissler because of art she created for Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels Series. I don't know if she made the Kate art because she loved it or if it was commissioned, but it is unspeakably beautiful to look at. Some of my author goals include getting a commission of a character done by her.

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