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After many years of working up to this moment, all five books in the Prideful Magick Collection have now found their way into the world.


I now encourage you all to step into the small New England town of Cedar Creek and find out how a young witch can grow into a powerful woman.

In Ivy, we were introduced to a spunky nine-year-old just learning about magick.

In Oleander, we fell in puppy love and endured a great loss.

In Valerian, we were broken.

In Hawthorn, we came to know the power of living in the moment.

In Avens, we will all come home.

Embark on this journey with pride.



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"Valerian" drags you through Lex's fifteenth year. Away from Cedar Creek, she's come to master her magick wrath. Influenced by a ghost, Lex finds another who is full of grief. Unable to help the girl until she is willing to help herself, Lex counts the days until she no longer finds comfort in the pain.

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